Welcome to Dhaulachina Eagle’s Nest (Himalayan Breeze)

Eagle’s nest is perched on a three-side open hill top just below Dhaulachhina. You get a 180-degree view of Himalayas from the property. One can also see the Saryu River flowing 25kms (by road) below the property.

At a pleasant Height of 6000 feet, it is about 35kms from Almora. Famous Jageshwar temple is only 18 kms from Dhaulachhina.

One can plan a visit from Nest and Hives Motiapathar to Jageshwar (50kms) and then proceed further 18 kms to stay at Eagle’s nest @ Dhaulachhina.

There is famous Ma Anandmayi Ashram in Dhaulachhina. Devotees from across the world come to this Ashram.

One can also visit pre-historic painted rock shelters, at ‘Lakhudiyar'(18km), which literally means ‘one lakh caves’, on the banks of Suyal river, it has paintings of animals, humans and also tectiforms done with fingers in black, red and white colours, and engravings of trishul and Swastika.

Swiss Cottage Dhaulachina - Nest & Hives

Swiss Cottage Dhaulachina


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